LAAX, Switzerland

LAAX is our premier venue for snowboarding and freeskiing/jibbing. The combination of the small village with its strong pulse, and the great mix of hard core and more relaxed riding, has made Laax into one of the hottest resorts in Europe. Naturally GirlieCamps will be there – you should too!

LAAX has some of the world’s best parks, including the world-famous LAAX pipe. With 3 different parks this is the Mecca for park riding. These parks are featured in the X-box game Amped and Stoked. GirlieCamps take you to all of this – and more. After a long day on the mountain, we hang out in places like the bar in The Riders Palace, a hotel specially designed for skiers and snowboarders, who like to be in the right spot.  With a Bose sound system in the hotel disco and the best DJs, you will have the best of both worlds.