LAAX , Switzerland

LAAX is our premier venue for snowboarding and freeskiing/jibbing. The combination of the small village with its strong pulse, and the great mix of hard core and more relaxed riding, has made Laax into one of the hottest resorts in Europe. Naturally GirlieCamps will be there – you should too!

LAAX has some of the world’s best parks, including the world-famous LAAX pipe. With 3 different parks this is the Mecca for park riding. These parks are featured in the X-box game Amped and Stoked. GirlieCamps take you to all of this – and more. After a long day on the mountain, we hang out in places like the bar in The Riders Palace, a hotel specially designed for skiers and snowboarders, who like to be in the right spot.  With a Bose sound system in the hotel disco and the best DJs, you will have the best of both worlds.


Laax is one of Switzerland’s largest and most snow-rich ski areas with a big vertical drop and fun and mixed terrain where the newest talents within snowboarding and skiing are maxing it out.

Much of the riding takes place above the tree line and is suited for all skill levels, but particularly intermediates in search of long cruising runs. In itself, Laax is not a huge ski resorts but it forms part of the Suisse Weisse Arena Gruppe resort, which combines the formerly separate resorts of Flims, Laax and Falera, so there are plenty of slopes to choose from.


The village views over a small and beautiful lake. Though small and irresistibly charming, the village offers everything one can wish for, a swimming pool, cutting edge hotels and restaurants, great after ski and night life and a fabulous spa at the Waldhaus.


  • Population:  1 400
  • Village altitude above sea level: 1100m
  • Highest ski altitude: 3 018m
  • Largest drop: 1 900 m
  • Total slope length: 220 km
  • Black slopes: 13
  • Red slopes:  25
  • Blue slopes:  20
  • Longest slope:  14 km
  • Lifts: 28
  • Restaurants: 10+
  • Mountain Restaurants: 7+
  • Bars / discos: 10
  • Swimming: Yes


The snowboard park is ranked among the top ones in the world and if you don’t want to get too crazy yourself you can enjoy watching the local talents playing around. 

Laax is a regular host to international competitions such as the FIS World Championship in skiing, the finals of the British Snowboard & Freeski Tour and the Burton European Open in snowboarding.  LAAX actually hosts four different park areas, three close to Crap Sogn Gion and a fourth on the Vorab Gletscher glacier, each with its own flavour. A star is the famous LAAX pipe.

Still, most of the time you will find yourself in un-crowded slopes, there is room for everyone in this big playground.


Though more famous for its parks than off-piste, if you are a powder hunter, Laax will surely make you happy as it often gets heavy snow when the rest of the of Switzerland is dry. Besides, Flims will give you the opportunity to raise your adrenaline level as it offers a steep terrain with big cliffs and drops. There are 40 km of freeride routes in LAAX.



Get driving instructions here.


Zürich is the closest airport. From Zurich  go to Chur by train and then take the postal bus to Flims Laax Falera. Check the train time tables here.


Laax Airport Shuttle Service is a quick and easy way to get from Zurich Airport or Friedrichshafen Airport straight to Laax, and back again. It takes about 1½ hours. You can book here.


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Girls Snow Camps  Laax Pipe GirlieCamps

Laax pipe, awesome vue.

Girls Snow Camps  Laax  GirlieCamps

Girle Campers in LAAX

Girls Snow Camps  Laax GirlieCamps

Snowboarders are more than welcome at the LAAX resort!


Girls Snow Camps  Laax GirlieCamps

LAAX has something for everyone.