From the press

GirlieCamps regularly appear in the media throughout Europe, in social media, on web sites, and in print – all read by hundreds of thousands of people.  We have compiled a sample of the press GirlieCamps have received. Read more about that here!


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Cooler/Mpora Laax camp 2010

LadiesCamps was featured in a 6-page article in the January 2010 issue of Glamour, a magazine reaching 450 000 readers.
GirleCamps snowboard camps appeared in a three-page article in the Dutch magazine She in 2005.
Sarah Thörnqvist reporter at Hennes went to a snowboard camp with GirlieCamps.
Lucy Adams published a diary from the skate camp in Barcelona in the German skateboard magazine Boardstein.
The same diary was also published in the Finnish skateboard magazine Dekki.
An ad in the UK Magazine Sidewalk gave good visibility for both GirlieCamps and our sponsors.
French Cooler magazine scrutinized the surf camps in Biarritz, France. GirlieCamps came out with flying colors.
GirlieCamps’ reputation reached as far as New Zealand in 2006, when Curl recommended a trip to Europe and GirlieCamps.
In 2005 the first Teenie Camps for Girls were launched in Biarritz, France.  Girlpower magazine reported.
GirlieCamps’ founder Marika Borg has been featured in numerous articles.