Girls who ride just wanna have fun !

It’s more than a sport, it’s more than a camp. Action sports have always triggered something deep inside of us. It’s become a part of our lives and we’re devoted to it. To us, some people get it while others are still out in the dark. If it was up to GirlieCamps all the world’s leaders, doctors, bankers would take their surfboard to work. Politicians need to stop fighting and start riding.

This part of the site is about everything that surrounds us. It’s about the scene, the looks, the moves, the music… It’s about the Girlie lifestyle.

GirlieCamps rocks!!!

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Summertime…getting ready for winter

To be ready for the next season, means to be in shape. So I am using the summertime to getting there. I now run at least 3 times a week and try to do work outs as well. I just started “crossfit” this week to improve my strength and to tone my muscles. I really [...]

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no more competitions this season…

Due to my poor results I didn’t earn enough points to qualify for more races. As a matter of fact there are always 8 spots available and the ones with the most points get a spot. I wasn’t one of them. The disappointment was still big but I decided to work on my skills and [...]

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and I crashed again…

On the 15th of Feb I competed in the FWQ 2* Big Mountain Goldeck in Carinthia, Austria. I was highly motivated and took enough time to spot my line. The weather and snow conditions were perfect and the contest was organized by a really great crew. The competition face was in a great location: some lips, [...]

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