Girls who ride just wanna have fun !

It’s more than a sport, it’s more than a camp. Action sports have always triggered something deep inside of us. It’s become a part of our lives and we’re devoted to it. To us, some people get it while others are still out in the dark. If it was up to GirlieCamps all the world’s leaders, doctors, bankers would take their surfboard to work. Politicians need to stop fighting and start riding.

This part of the site is about everything that surrounds us. It’s about the scene, the looks, the moves, the music… It’s about the Girlie lifestyle.

GirlieCamps rocks!!!

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I’ve had the most amazing breakfast. Banana-pancakes with blueberrys and vanilla kesella. Probably the yummiest there is and also pretty healthy! Wish you a wonderful Friday. Lots of love, Tina

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Hi from the Les Duex Alps!

  Hi, Hello! A few Days ago the camp Girls and I went back home from the awesome Snowboard camp in Les Duex Alps! We all agreed upon that it was way to soon to go home, we wanted to stay in this Beautiful Place. We had a blast! Allot of fun Snowboarding in the park and we [...]

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