About GirlieCamps

GirlieCamps offers camps for girls who wish to share the joy of snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and skiing with other girls from all over the world. You come to GirlieCamps to ride with girls who share your passion for the sport, experience the true spirit, and hang out with other girls.


The idea to GirlieCamps spawned from the experiences from organizing snowboard events, like the Battle, and a surfing organization for women, Ran, at the beginning of the century. The goal was to create a platform for young board-riding women who wanted to meet other girls with the same passion and to ride together and share the unique spirit of board-riding. More and more girls are taking an interest in surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Camps for girls only are a great idea in many ways. They can be an ideal starting point for all girls who want to learn to ride but don’t want to be made fun of by the guys out there. The camps are also an ideal place to meet with female pro riders who can show the girls that women can rule in these sports, too!


In 2003, the first Girlie camps ever took place, in Sweden. The instructors in these camps were some of Sweden’s best female snowboarders, Maria Danielsson and Johanna Melin. These first Girlie camps were a big success and the girls attending the camps had much fun together and improved their riding beyond their wildest dreams.

“Honestly this has been the most developing snowboard riding ever! Just chilling with girls and learning from each other has done so much for my confidence as a rider and as an individual person. I learned that girls can kick some ass. Girls rule!!!”
- Cathrine Stiller -

In 2004, GirlieCamps expanded into Europe reaching even more girls. Girlie Snow Camps were organized at seven different resorts in the Alps, the Scandinavian Mountains and even on Iceland! Through the partnerships with companies from the board sports industry, the girls got a unique opportunity to meet rider-role models, like Kjersti Buaas, acting as instructors.

The same summer the first Girlie Surf Camps were launched, offering six full weeks of surfing in the beautiful Basque country near Biarritz. The girls were staying on a camping site with a sea view from where they could check out the waves each morning.

In September, the first Girlie Skate Camp ever took place in Barcelona. The world’s best female skateboarders gathered in the skateboard capital of Europe to ride together with GirlieCamps’ skateboard girls and to help them improve their boarding.

The idea to give an opportunity for girls from all over Europe to gather and ride together proved to be working real well. GirlieCamps became the first and best provider of action sport experiences for girls only. We have been at it ever since, improving and expanding our offering. The latest additions include free-skiing, free-riding, kite surfing, and Ladies Camps. But we still remain the original provider of camps for girls out there - every season, all the fun, just the girls!





About GirlieCamps