Surf, Skate, Snowboarding and Skiing Holidays

GirlieCamps offer surfskatesnowboarding and skiing holidays for girls. Whether you are just learning or if  you are already an experienced rider, GirlieCamps give you the perfect setting to improve your riding skills, experience the camp life style, have fun with other girls, learn more about your sport and also well-being.

We have over 10 years experience and always go to the best spots and ride with the leading riders, pro-riders and coaches.

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Current Highlights

  • Autumn is here!

    The autumn is here and I love it! Beautiful colours, colder outside, warmer inside with many cups of the and candles to spread light and love, lots of yoga to boost myself with energy! Now when it’s getting colder outside you need to put on warmer clothes when you run and don’t forget to put [...]

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  • Run for fun!

    Today I was supposed to be running tjurruset, an obstacle race in Sweden, but according to injuries I couldn’t participate which feels sad but now I’m even more motivated to next years races!! I was there looking at all the awesome girls and ladies running today and just to be there in the positive atmosphere [...]

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